Holberg Committee Meeting and Embassy Event Held in Paris

Publisert 15.02.2017
The Holberg Committee convened in Paris recently to submit its recommendation for the 2017 Laureate, and Julia Kristeva held a talk at the Royal Norwegian Embassy.

The Holberg Committee held the first of two annual meetings on 10 February. Here, the Committee discussed their shortlist of candidates for the 2017 Holberg Prize, and they submitted their recommendation to the Holberg Board.

The Board will convene on 16 February to select the winners of the 2017 Holberg Prize and Nils Klim Prize.

Embassy event

In connection with the Committee meeting, there was also a reception at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Paris. At the event, 2004 Holberg Laureate Julia Kristeva held a talk on the importance of the academic disciplines covered by the Holberg Prize: The humanities, the social sciences, law and theology. The event was attended by about 35 people, primarily from academia. There was also a presentation of the Holberg Prize, by Chair of the Holberg Board Sigmund Grønmo. 

109 nominations

The Holberg Committee received 109 nominations for the 2017 Prize, for a total of 99 candidates. To thirds of these were first-time nominees. As for institutional affiliation, the US was most strongly represented, followed by the UK and Germany.

Nominate a candidate for the 2018 Prize

Scholars holding positions at universities and other research institutions, including academies, are entitled to nominate candidates to the Holberg Prize and the Nils Klim Prize. The deadline for nominations to the 2018 prizes is 15 June, 2017. Further information on how to nominate is available here.