Holberg Prize News

Graduate opportunity: Masterclass with Cass R. Sunstein

The Holberg Prize is offering scholarships for five Nordic PhD candidates to participate in a Masterclass with Professor Cass R. Sunstein on "What to Do About Human Error". The event takes place during the Holberg Week, on 4 June, in Bergen.

2018 Holberg Prize and Nils Klim Prize Laureates Announced

The Holberg Prize 2018 is awarded to American legal scholar Cass Sunstein for his groundbreaking research in law and related fields. The Nils Klim Prize is awarded to Norwegian political scientist Francesca R. Jensenius for her outstanding research on elections, development patterns, and the empowerment of minority groups and women in India and elsewhere.

Announcement for the Holberg Prize and Nils Klim Prize 2018

On Wednesday, March 14, 09:00 (CET) we will announce the winners of the Holberg Prize and Nils Klim Prize 2018.

The Value of the Holberg Prize Increases to NOK 6 Million (USD 760,000)

On 13 February the Holberg Board decided that the prize amount would increase from NOK 4.5 million to NOK 6 million (USD 760,000). The increase is effective this year.

Committee Meeting and Consulate General Event Held in Amsterdam

Last week, the Holberg Committee convened in Amsterdam, and Nils Klim Laureate Claes de Vreese spoke at the Norwegian Honorary Consulate General.

Holberg Debate Sparked Public Discussion

The University Aula in Bergen was packed on 2nd December, when more than 300 people watched Julian Assange, John Pilger and Jonathan Heawood discuss propaganda, fake news and the role of the news media.

Call for nominations: The Holberg Prize 2019

The Holberg Board is inviting nominations for the Holberg Prize 2019 for outstanding scholarly work in the arts and humanities, social sciences, law and theology.

Shortlist ready for the Holberg Prize 2018

The Holberg Committee met in Vienna on 19-20 October, where they decided on a shortlist of candidates for the Holberg Prize 2018.

The Holberg Debate 2017: Propaganda, Facts and Fake News

The Holberg team are preparing for what is expected to be a strikingly relevant Holberg Debate on 2 December, featuring prominent and even somewhat controversial media critics: John Pilger, Julian Assange and Jonathan Heawood.

Stephen Greenblatt Discusses Adam and Eve at the NYPL

“The story of Adam and Eve is about what it means for a myth to become real to millions of people,” says Holberg Laureate Stephen Greenblatt, “and also what it means to be human.”